VSU Model United Nations


Model United Nations at Valdosta State


General Assembly Plenary

Background Guide

  1. Examining the Economic and Environmental Effects of Natural Disasters
  2. Addressing the Current State of Cyber Security
  3. Promotion and Protection of the Rights of the Disabled

International Atomic Energy Agency

Background Guide

  1. Nuclear Accident Prevention Response
  2. Strengthening Patient Protection Against Medical Radiology
  3. Nuclear Waste Disposal


United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Background Guide

  1. Managing the Syrian Refugee Crisis in the Middle East
  2. Ensuring the Health and Safety of Women and Children Refugees
  3. The Environmental Impact of Refugee Camps


Security Council

Background Guide

  1. Addressing the Situation in Syria
  2. Enhancing International Cooperation on the Implentation of Counter-Terrorism
  3. Open Agenda