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The following list of clauses will help you when writing Resolutions during a Simulation. You are encouraged to print this page and bring it with you to conference, so that you may reference these clauses at the necessary time.

Preambular Clauses
The purpose of a preambular clause is to provide historical background on the issue and validate the actions that will be explained in the Operative Clauses. Common phrases to begin Preambular Clauses may include, but are not limited to the following:

Affirming                                                • Recognizing
Contemplating                                         Fulfilling
Having heard                                           Convinced
Fully aware                                              Having received
Declaring                                                Fully alarmed
Keeping in mind                                      Deeply concerned
Fully believing                                         Noting with regret
Deeply conscious                                    Further deploring
Noting with satisfaction                           
Deeply disturbed
Guided by                                               Alarmed by
Deeply regretting                                     Having adopted
Having considered                                   Observing
Having considered further                         Aware of
Emphasizing                                           Having devoted attention
Believing                                                 Expecting
Realizing                                                 Bearing in mind
Having examined                                      Recalling
Confident                                                 Having studied


Operative Clauses
Resolutions will present solutions to the given issue through the numerically ordered Operative Clauses. Each Operative Clause will call for a specific action to be taken. Common phrases to begin Operative Clauses include, but are not limited to the following:

Accepts                                                  Affirms
Approves                                                 Authorizes
Calls                                                       Calls upon
Condemns                                               Confirms
Considers                                                Declares accordingly
Deplores                                                  Designate
Draws attention                                         Emphasizes
Encourages                                              Endorses
Expresses its hope                                    Further invites
Further proclaims                                      Further recommends
Further reminds                                        Further requests
Further resolves                                        Have resolved

Click Here for an example of the clauses used in an actual Resolution of the United Nations.