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>> Who can join the GSA? - Any VSU student can join the GSA! We invite and welcome everyone to be a part of this group! Some of our main objectives are promoting diversity and tolerance, so no one will be turned away for any reason.


>> Who is in the GSA? - Lots of interesting and very cool people from all orientations, so you should join and find out.





>> When can you join? You can join ANYTIME by just coming to a meeting and/or registering online with the Yahoo group 

>> When are meetings and events? - Meetings are held roughly every-other Monday at 8pm and last about an hour or usually less. To find out when events and socials are, come to the meetings, join the Yahoo group, or look under the 'Calendar' section of this website.





>> Where are meetings? - This year meetings will be held on the second floor of the Student Union (above the Loop Pizza Grill) in the Camellia room. Just look for the rainbow flag!





>> Why should you join the GSA? - Its a great, easy way to: Get involved on campus; Meet new people; Have fun; Discuss important issues; Support and be an active part of the social, educational, and political aspects of the GLBT community. AND membership is FREE! So, why not join?





>> How do meetings proceed? - Meetings are meant to 'take care of business' such as planning socials and events, but are also held in a fun, relaxed manner to encourage interaction and getting to know one another. We also practice the democratic process during meetings, so everyone has a voice!


>> How should you behave in the GSA? - Be prepared to have some fun and take part in all activities! All we ask is that you bring an open mind and respectful mouth to all meetings and events. On the Yahoo group we ask that you practice proper message board etiquette; mostly being courteous to others, no spamming, etc. Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated and will result in being banned from the message board.





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