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Organization and Mission

Since 1913, Valdosta State University has been a major provider of educational services for South Georgia. The beauty and consistency of its Spanish Mission style of architecture are indicative of its dedication to serving the region's heritage while developing programs and services to enhance its future.

Within the context of the University System's mission and vision, Georgia Southern University and Valdosta State University share core characteristics as regional universities. While these two universities both embody the common characteristics presented below, variations in their purposes, histories, traditions, and settings allow each to focus on its own distinctiveness and accomplishments.

The core characteristics include:

  • a commitment to excellence and responsiveness within a scope of influence defined by the needs of a specific region of the state and by particularly outstanding programs or distinctive characteristics that have a magnet effect even beyond the region;
  • a campus-wide commitment to a technologically enhanced learning community that promotes student success, sustains instructional excellence, serves a diverse and well-prepared student body, offers academic assistance, and provides learning enrichment for all students;
  • a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary academic programming at the baccalaureate and masters levels, as well as a range of professional programs at the baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate levels, including a limited number of professionally oriented doctoral-level programs;
  • a commitment to public service, continuing education, technical assistance, and economic development activities that addresses the needs, improves the quality of life, and raises the educational level within the university's scope of influence;
  • a commitment to scholarly and creative work to enhance instructional effectiveness and to encourage faculty scholarly pursuits and a commitment to research in selected areas of institutional strength and focused on regional need.

As a regional university in South Georgia, Valdosta State cooperates with other University System institutions to ensure that the region receives the services it needs. To expand its programmatic outreach, it develops and offers programs by distance learning and at off-campus locations throughout the region. It will continue to exercise a leadership role in meeting the needs of the region, particularly in providing access to professionally oriented doctoral programs, primarily in education, and to applied research.