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Convert Word document to Webpage (Word 2007)

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We strongly recommend that documents such as course syllabus, lecture notes, and most course content in BlazeVIEW be in webpage (html) format. This guide demonstrates how to easily convert Microsoft Word documents into webpages.

1. Open your word document

open file


2. Click the round Microsoft Logo at the top left corner > Save As >Other Formats.

save as other formats


3. Click the blue arrow next to Save as type, select Web Page, Filtered (*.htm; *.html)

web page, filtered


4. Next click the button that says Change Title. Name your page title something that is relevant to its content. Note that this title name is not the same as the file name. In BlazeVIEW this title will be displayed as your page title, and if your page is in a learning module it will be displayed as the link title in the table of contents.

change title


5. Press save. You will receive a popup warning due to the fact that you will save from Word format to Webpage (html) format. 

press save

You will notice that your content may be displayed slightly differently. Please look through your document to verify the text formatting. You may need to reformat some text, especially if you used columns in your document. The most common solution is to reformat columns into a table.


6. Upload the webpage to BlazeVIEW. When you select your file for upload, you will see that you have two files with the same name (one in Word format, the other in webpage format). Please select the one that ends with "htm" or if you are viewing the icons, choose the one with the Internet Explorer or Firefox icon..

htlm file



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