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After a short time, I get logged out of BlazeVIEW

As a standard security measure, BlazeVIEW will log out a user that has been idle for more than 30 minutes. For the system, being idle means you are not moving between links, refreshing the page, saving items, etc. Generally you are considered idle when you remain on a given page in BlazeVIEW and are not saving items. Common occurrences of this log out include if you leave a BlazeVIEW page open on your computer, if you are reading a page or article in BlazeVIEW for more than 30 minutes, or if you are composing text in BlazeVIEW and go longer than 30 minutes without saving it. In such cases where you would need to compose text for longer than 30 minutes, such as posting an essay to the discussion board, it is recommended that you save the composition as a draft while in BlazeVIEW every 15 minutes or compose the writing outside of BlazeVIEW and copy and paste the text into the field once it is done. This will protect you from being logged out due to idleness and losing any unsaved work.

If BlazeVIEW is logging you out in less than 30 minutes, please read the trouble shooting tip below.

  • Vista sets a cookie and must match the time and the computer's Internet address (called an IP address) to the cookie.

    • Check the time configuration. The computer should be set to have your time zone and time set correctly. A time set significantly ahead or behind can result in an inability to stay inside BlazeVIEW.
    • Internet Service Providers who use proxy servers do not assign a consistent Internet address to their customers. Each time your computer appears to come from a different Internet address, you will have to log in again. Some ISPs are worse about this than others.

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