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When I login, I get kicked back to a list of institutions. How do I get Help?

  • This is called a "Login Loop" and may be resolved by the following process:
    1. Open Internet Explorer
    2. Click on Tools
    3. Click on Internet Options
    4. Click on the Advanced Tab
    5. Scroll through the list and de-select Show Friendly HTTP error messages and Show Friendly URLs.
  • Open up Internet Explorer and click on Tools/ Internet Options/ Privacy, reset your "cookie permissions" settings to select (checkmark) "always allow session cookies".
  • Use an anti-adware program.
  • Disable any "Accelerators" you might be using in conjunction with your ISP. This would include EarthLink Accelerator, BellSouth Accelerator Technology, as well as any personal "Internet accelerators" you may have (downloaded and) installed.
  • Disable any personal Firewalls (such as Zone Alarm) and pop-up blockers (AOL, EarthLink, Norton) during your Vista session.
  • Uninstall any 3rd party Search Bars (like HotBar or WebSearch). They are known to give trouble with Vista login and activity.
  • Many strange problems can be corrected using WebCT's Browser Tips & Troubleshooting.


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