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BlazeVIEW for Instructors


Getting Started

Valdosta State University uses BlazeVIEW (BlackBoard Vista 8) as an online course management system. Although your classes may not be scheduled to be taught online, you will find that using BlazeVIEW as a course management system is very efficent. With BlazeVIEW you can post your syllabus, have an online drop box for your assignments, allow students to download lecture notes, get all of your students to participate in online class discussions, schedule online quizes and exams, and much more. Please follow this instructor and staff guide for getting started with BlazeVIEW.

1. Prepare your computer for BlazeVIEW

2. Log into BlazeVIEW

  • Your BlazeVIEW username is that part of your official VSU email address that comes before the @ symbol.

    Ex: your email address is jbrady@valdosta.edu...then your BlazeVIEW username is jbrady
  • To locate your BlazeVIEW password, use the BlazeVIEW Self-service Password Utility.
    You can use this tool to to locate your password for FIRST TIME BlazeVIEW login, or for a BlazeVIEW PASSWORD RESET if you have forgotten your password.
  • New faculty will not have access to BlazeVIEW until they have an official teaching assignment in Banner. For access prior to this time please email blazeview@valdosta.edu. Please see "How to Get Help" for more details.
  • Staff members who need access to BlazeVIEW for online training modules should contact eLearning at 229-245-6490
  • Log in to BlazeVIEW now >>  

3. Learn how to get help


4. Get Training


5. Frequently Asked Questions

* BlazeVIEW is managed by the eLearning Department and advised by the eLearning Advisory Board.


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