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bLAZEVIEW: How to Hide Sections from Previous Semesters

This module demonstrates how to Show/Hide courses on your "My BlazeVIEW" Homepage.

1. Once you log into your personal BlazeVIEW Homepage you will notice a pencil icon in the upper right hand corner of your Course List.  Click it to open the Edit Course List page.

Edit Course List

2. Now that you are in the Edit Course List page, you will notice the list of all your previous and current classes .  The Show/Hide buttons are indicated below.

Show & Hide buttons

3. Check all the courses you wish to Show/Hide and click the appropriate button.  In this case, the classes that are checked will be hidden.  You can come back to this same page to show a class you have previously hidden.

Check courses to hide

4. A Dialog box will appear asking for acceptance.  Click "OK" to continue.

Hide Sections Step 4

5. The courses you have selected are hidden as indicated by the "(Hidden)" text on the course description's right.  Click "My BlazeVIEW " in the upper left hand corner to return to the My BlazeVIEWpage.

Go back to My BlazeVIEW

6. On your BlazeVIEW Homepage, you will notice the courses you chose to hide are no longer visible on your Course List.

Courses are now hidden

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