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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Add an Audio Message to My Course with Wimba?


1) Adding audio to a BlazeVIEW course using Wimba is very simple. First, under the Build tab click on the Add Content Link, and select Wimba Voice Authoring.

Add Content Link

2) Select the Create Wimba Voice Authoring button.

Wimba Voice Authoring

3) Type the desired Title for the clip and Click continue.

Select Tittle

4) Next, type a brief description for the audio clip if desired, Select the length and click Continue to set up the Voice Authoring.

General Settings

5) Now you are ready to record the audio Clip. Locate the newly created Wimba Voice Authoring under your Teach Tab and click it.


6) Run the Setup Wizard to ensure the computer is ready.

Setup Wizard

7) Select one of the Launch Voice Authoring buttons.


8) The Audio recorder will appear. Here you can record by clicking on the red circular button.


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