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How Do I Unenroll (Remove) Members from My Course?

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1) After logging in and opening the desired class, click on the Teach tab at the top of the screen.

Click Teach Tab

2) Scroll down under instructor tools and click on Grade Book.

Click on Grade Book.

3) Select students that you wish to unenroll from your class by checking the box on the left side of their names. Then, click "Unenroll" on the bottom right.


4) The students are removed from your BlazeVIEW Grade Book class roster. You may now close out of BlazeVIEW.

Students are unenrolled.

Note: It is highly recommended that you do not unenroll students from a BlazeVIEW course until after the Add/Drop deadline has passed, as students will matriculate in and out of classes during that period. We suggest that you wait until you have received a Proof Roll after the Add/Drop deadline has passed, then unenroll students as necessary.

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