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How do I submit an assignment in BlazeVIEW?

This guide demonstrates how to add an attachment and submit your work with the BlazeVIEW Assignment Tool.

1. After logging into BlazeVIEW, browse to your assignment which may be accessed from the course tool menu, the course homepage, in a learning module, or course folder.

Assignment Tool

Assignment Icon



Learning Module

Learning Module

Folder Icon

Course Folder


2. Click the assignment icon or link. If necessary, click the "Enable the HTML Creator" button (The HTML creator allows you to format the text with paragraphs, bold facing, and many of the formatting features that you would see in Microsoft Word). Always pay close attention to your assignment instructions. You instructor may ask you to type your response in the text box or compose your response in Microsoft Word and attached the document. If you are asked to type your response in the text box, please first compose and save it in Word then copy and paste your work in the text box (We recommend this method since BlazeVIEW may time out after 40 minutes of none activity).

Edit Submission

3. Click the "Add Attachments" button, if you are required to attach a file.

4. Click the "My Computer" icon.

My Computer


5. Browse to your file, select it, and click "Open"

6. Verify that the correct file was attached to the submission form. Next, click submit then click "ok".

Submit Assignment


7. View the confirmation

Assignment Confirmation

Important Note: The assignment tool gives you the opportunity to submit only one time. Please contact your instructor if you mistakenly submit the wrong file.


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