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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I practice and test things out safely in WebCT?

Intro to WebCT Training Shell

With the Intro to WebCT Training Shell, you can practice and test the things you want to do in WebCT without adding this content to your regular course. This shell is also used whenever you attend WebCT training workshops.

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Where can I find WebCT self-paced training courses
and access to other online related course tools?


Faculty Help Resources- VSU Vista Faculty and Staff Support

For Copyright purposes we have created a WebCT Section of faculty help resources. This section includes a comprehensive self paced WebCT course developed by the University system of Georgia, several helpful downloadable course tools, an area for candid feedback and peer communications..

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Locating this resource in WebCT

Once you log into WebCT this resource will be located near the bottom of your course list.



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