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How do I create and send announcements to students?

1. Upon entering the desired course, select "ANNOUNCEMENTS" under Course Tools.

Select Announcements


Select Create Announcement

3. Type in a TITLE and the MESSAGE you wish to announce to your class. *For special formatting (Bold, Italics, fonts, etc.), select "ENABLE HTML CREATOR."

Type Message

4. To ensure that everyone receives the announcement, under RECIPIENTS, select "SELECT ALL ROLES".

Select All Roles

5. Select the date on which you would like the announcement to appear, then select "UNLIMITED" as the end date. Select "ALSO DELIVER AS A POP-UP MESSAGE" to ensure that the student will see it as an announcement outside of the BlazeVIEW main page.

Delivery Dates

6. Hit "SEND". You will see a confirmation page, along with the announcement you sent.