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What are the Known Issues for BlazeVIEW?

The following items are known issues that have not been resolved for BlazeVIEW. These issues may eventually be resolved with a patch hotfix or in the next version. Once a known issue is resolved, it will be removed from this list.


Grade Book


HTML Creator







Anonymous To Students Does Not Work As Intended

Description:  Marking “Authors are anonymous to Students” when setting up a discussion makes authors anonymous to everyone including instructors.

In the discussion tool under “Topic Behavior Options” where it says Author Identification you are given two choices.  You can either set “Authors are identified by user names” or “Authors are anonymous to Students”.    Although it reads as if “Authors are anonymous to Students” would only make the authors anonymous to students, it actually makes authors anonymous to everyone including instructors.  This tool is working as it’s intended to, but it was poorly worded which leads to confusion.  In a future update the tool will be renamed to “Authors are anonymous” to avoid confusion.


Grade Book Columns Not Displaying in Student View as Desired

Description: When reordering BlazeVIEW Grade Book columns, the changes are not reflected in the order from Student View My Grades.


The BlazeVIEW Grade Book view that corresponds to the Student View My Grades is the View All tab. Changes made to the Grade Book order from View All should reflect when viewing from Student View My Grades.


BlazeVIEW Help Search error

Description: The Learning System Online Help (available from the Top-right corner after logging into BlazeVIEW) search function results in an unexpected system exception (see below for an example):

An unexpected system exception has occurred.

A system exception has occurred during the processing of your last request. You may attempt to return to the My Blackboard page. If further problems occur, try logging out of the system, then logging back in.

SessionID: vjFxNypWqjb7vyn2p1z8f9Mk2mzJWt2Pl0BhPfsgLxpj2RB1DFd7!539100942!168985378!80!-1!-142582366!168985371!80!-1!1307107062636, Node Name: WebCTManagedNodeE

Return to My Blackboard.


Utilize the Help Contents hierarchical navigation (expand (+) to see available topics) and drill down to the specific area of interest.


HTML Creator Not working on a Mac

Description:  While using a Mac the HTML creator in BlazeVIEW does not turn on or turns on, but clears the text when attempting to save.

This is a known issue that will be addressed in a future BlazeVIEW update.  In the meantime here are two workarounds.

Workaround 1

You can still open the HTML creator in Safari even though saving with it does not work.  Open the HTML creator and compose your message.  At the bottom of the HTML screen you type in there are two tabs; by default you are in the "WYSIWYG" tab. After you have composed your message click on the "Source View" tab. Now select and copy everything in the HTML window. If you do not select and copy everything, you could lose some of the formatting. Now hit "Disable HTML Creator" which is at the top of the HTML creator screen. Paste what you copied into this screen with the HTML creator off and check the box to "Use HTML" if it is not already checked. Now when you save your work it will be formatted as if you used the HTML creator.

Workaround 2

Download and use VMWare (link :http://www.valdosta.edu/helpdesk/guides/macos/vmware/index.shtml )

Note: The Division of Information Technology only has the license to install VMWare on computers owned by Valdosta State University. These are designated by a red "Property of Valdosta State University" sticker.

1. Go to http://www.valdosta.edu/helpdesk.

2. Click the Help button.

3. Click General Help Form.

4. Fill in the form as completely as possible.

5. In the Request Details field, please specify the 5 digit number listed on the "Property of Valdosta State University" sticker as well as a note that you need "VMWare installed to access the HTML Creator in Blazeview".

We will deploy a technician to complete the installation.


Insert Image Button Does not Allow Students to Upload and Insert an Image

Description: The Insert Image icon in the HTML creator may NOT work for students when trying to embed an image in a discussion post.

Workaround 1

Add the image in another way. If the image is only on your computer, you can add it to a discussion post as an attachment. If the image is from a website, you can use the URL option in the insert image button. The URL option will work for students.

Workaround 2

If the instructor allows EDITING discussion posts or if you are using a mail item, you can use the below workaround.

  • Write your discussion post
  • Add the file you want to embed as an attachment
  • Post your message
  • Open the message again
  • Click on the attachment to open it in a new tab or window
  • Copy the URL for the image
  • Go back to the discussion message
  • Click on Edit Message
  • Enable the HTML Creator
  • Click the Insert Image icon
  • Click the URL option and paste the URL into the box
  • Change the Display settings if appropriate
  • Click OK
  • Post your message
  • View your message again to assure it embedded.

BlazeVIEW Mail Not Forwarding Externally

Description: The mail forwarding option from within BlazeVIEW My Settings area is non-functioning and does not forward BlazeVIEW mail messages to an external e-mail address. Blackboard has been notified about this issue and we are suggesting that a future update gray out or turn this option off until it functions as expected.


Student Tracking is Not Sorted By Date

Description: When viewing the student tracking inside of BlazeVIEW the information is organized by session numbers instead of by date of access.  In addition, the date column is not sortable.

This is a known issue that will be addressed in a future update.  In the meantime here is a suggested workaround.


The student tracking information can be exported into an excel spreadsheet where any column, including the date column, can be sorted.  To do this, go to student who’s tracking information you want to sort.  At the bottom of that student’s tracking information page there is a button called “export”.  Click this button and it will generate an excel file that you can open or save to your desktop.


Collapsing Sidebar

Description: While navigating between tabs and/or pages in BlazeVIEW the sidebar collapses to an Icon-only view hiding the labels. 

If the sidebar closes, simply click the arrows on the gray bar next to the icons to re-expand this area.


New Item Icon Does Not Disappear

Description: The green asterisks or thumb tacks which indicate new items in an area do not go away even after the items are viewed or there is a large delay in when they go away.

Blackboard is aware of this issue. Additionally, items read under one tab will not count as read under the other tabs.  For example, if you read an e-mail while under the Teach tab, it will not be marked as read under the Build tab.  Sometimes going between the build/teach/student view tab or logging out of BlazeVIEW and logging back in will clear the notification as long as no new notifications arrive while you were logged out.   If the issue is resolved in a future update or as further workarounds are released this information will be updated.

BlazeVIEW Chat Appears Blank

Description:  If you are using Mozilla Firefox and the chat feature is not functional to you and you have confirmed that your settings are correct then the issue is on the recipient of your chat messages computer.

When using FireFox, both parties must have a supported browser and Java in order for the chat to function properly on either end. The other person should visit the computer preparation guide page or contact eLearning for assistance in obtaining a supported browser and Java configuration.

SafeAssign says I'm not logged in. (Problems connecting to SafeAssign).

Description: One error that seems to occur more and more is an error related to the student’s security settings on their browser.  If students get the following message:

Sorry, we do not think you are logged in to SafeAssign. Your session may have timed out. If you have received this message in error, please contact your system administrator.

It means that the security/privacy settings on their web browser are set up to not allow 3rd-party cookies. They will need to change that setting and allow 3rd party cookies:

For Internet Explorer:
Click on Tools > Internet Options > Privacy
Change the setting to "Low"

For Firefox:
Click on Tools > Options > Privacy
Select "Accept cookies from sites"
Select "Accept third-party cookies"
Change "Keep until" to "they expire"

Click on Safari > Preferences > Security
Change "Accept cookies" setting it "Always"

Windows Security Prompt Asking for Credentials When Using Office 2010

Description: When opening Microsoft Office files (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, etc.) directly from BlazeVIEW using Internet Explorer, you may receive a Windows Security prompt asking for your username and password credentials.


The file is prompting for credentials in order to gain write access.  Click cancel in the dialog box and the document should open in read-only mode. Once the file opens you can then save as expected.


File Manager Warning

Description: The following warning appears in the BlazeVIEW file manager: "Warning: Files in File Manager can be accessed by any user in the course even if there are no direct links to them. If you need to keep files private, save them in My Files." While this has always applied to BlazeVIEW (powered by Blackboard Vista 8) Service Pack 4 introduced this additional message in the File Manager area.


To reduce the chance of files from the file manager being accessible, inactivate the SEARCH tool in BlazeVIEW. Additionally, save private files in your My Files area. My Files is available from within the File Manager as a link at the top left reading "My Files" or from the course list in the "Content Manager" tab.


Why won't Videos with WMV extension play in BlazeVIEW

Description:  A video with a WMV extension will not play directly through BlazeVIEW using Windows Media Player because Windows Media Player does not work with sites using SSL (https). During Fall break 2010, BlazeVIEW will be upgraded to utilize SSL, so WMV videos will not play directly through BlazeVIEW if you are using Windows Media Player.

Workaround 1 (for Instructors)

Place the video on a streaming media server and link to it. Contact the Media Center to learn more about this option.

Workaround 2 (for Users)

If using Windows XP, download the free RealPlayer application. Once installed, configure RealPlayer to automatically play .wmv files, so that Media Player doesn't try to play this file type.

1. In RealPlayer, click Tools and Preferences
2. On the Preferences screen, click Media Types (under Content) in the left menu.
3. In the Media Types error, select Manually configure media types for RealPlayer.
4. Click the Select... button.
5. Scroll down until you find the Windows Media category of files.
6. Check the box for Windows Media(TM) Video File (.wmv).
7. Click OK
8. Click OK again
9. Click on the .wmv file in your course and RealPlayer should play the file.

If using Windows Vista, it appears that a different Media Player code is configured for this OS. On Vista, Windows Media Player should automatically play your .wmv files with no problem.


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