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Frequently Asked Questions

Students- How to Get Help with BlazeVIEW

1. Contact IT Helpdesk - Your First Level of Support

* Course instructors are not responsible for troubleshooting BlazeVIEW technical issues. The Helpdesk is ready to support your needs.

HelpdeskThe IT Helpdesk is the first level of support for BlazeVIEW and can answer most basic questions. They resolve technical issues such as popups, browser, java, and security software. Should they need to escalate the call to a more senior administrator then they will do so.


There are several ways to contact the Help Desk:

  1. Phone: 229-245-4357
  2. Submit a Help Request
  3. Email: helpdesk@valdosta.edu
  4. In person.

The Helpdesk is located on the second floor of the Odum Library (Main entrance).

* Please review the Helpdesk website for hours of operation.


2. Contact Your Instructor

Instructor* Although Course Instructors are not responsible for troubleshooting BlazeVIEW technical issues, they are available to assist you with instructional needs. Many issues may seem like a technical problem, but it may be something that requires the instructor's decision or adjustment.


Examples of issue that require an instructor's attention include:

  • Clarification of content
  • Questions concerning the grades you have received
  • Questions concerning the syllabus and due dates
  • Locating material within the course
  • Resubmitting assignments
  • Taking tests and quizzes outside of scheduled time
  • Retaking tests

How to contact your Instructor (Even before class starts)

  • If you want to contact your instructor before classes starts, please see the Campus Telephone Directory
  • If classes have begun, please review your course syllabus to obtain your instructor's contact information.


3. Utilize Self Help

- View the “BlazeVIEW for Students” web pages for online help resources. Here you will find getting started information, BlazeVIEW frequently asked questions, an online success guide, and more

- Student Help Resources - BlazeVIEW for Students.
All VSU students are enrolled in this BlazeVIEW section. This resource provides quick guides and peer support. If the course is not listed in you MyBlazeVIEW course list, students should request enrollment with the VSU Service Desk System.

- BlazeVIEW provides excellent context-sensitive information on theHelp link inside the system.Wherever you are, the information provided describes what is available at that location. Search on a topic to learn how to complete common tasks.


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