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How do I post a Discussion?

1) To post a response to a Discussion question, first click on the Discussion link under the Course Tools menu.

Click on the Discussion link under the Course Tools

2) After selecting the Discussions tool, find the topic you need to respond and click it.


3) Click on Create Message to post your response.

Click on Create a Message

IMPORTANT NOTE: Anytime you are typing within a text box in BlazeVIEW, this is not recognized as activity.  After 40 minutes of inactivity your session will timeout. Because of this we recommend that you first compose your response in Word, turn on HTML Creator, and paste this into the text box.

4) First type the title desired for the response, then enable HTML Creator and paste the file made in a word processor program.

NOTE: It is recommended to use Internet Explorer when editing or adding content using the HTML Creator.

Type Response

5) Here is an example of a filled out Message response for the Discussion topic.

Sample discussion post


6) In some cases it is necessary to attach a file. In this circumstance  after typing the Title, click on the “Add Attachments” button. Locate the file desired to be attached. If the file is stored in the computer or storaged device click open. If the file is located in "my files" folder in BlazeVIEW, select the file an then click ok. Finally click on the post button to submit your answer.

Add attachments





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