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How do I submit my Clicker device id number to BlazeVIEW?

1. To submit your Clicker device id number, first login to BlazeVIEW and select the course in which you want to submit your Clicker device. Once there, select the Clicker option on the main menu.

Select clicker course

2. A popup menu from Turning Technologies will appear. This prompt is asking for the Device ID located on the back of your Clicker, underneath the barcode. Find that ID.


3. Once you have the Device ID, type it into the Turning Technologies popup menu prompt twice. Then select submit.


4. A Success Page will now appear. To verify that your Device has been added, read the bottom line which show the Device ID that you have just entered. Please make sure that this number matches the Device ID number that is locate on the back of your Clicker.


You have now completed submission of your Cicker device ID for your course.