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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create & send Course Mail?

Step 1

Begin by choosing the Mail tab on the left side of the Course Tools Menu (highlighted below).

Mail Tab




Step 2

After clicking the Mail tab, click on the Create Message button (highlighted below).


Create Message Tab





Step 3

The next step involves choosing your recipient/s from within BlazeVIEW.  Begin by selecting Browse for RecipientsREMEMBER: Do not type in an email address in the address line.  Don’t forget to type a subject for message, which is indicated by the green arrow.  You can type or post a message in the Message box which is located by the blue arrow.

Browse for Recipients




Step 4

In addition, you may also choose to send messages to individuals and groups.  The way recipients view a message is done by selecting either of the following options: TO (indicated by the red arrow) to openly send to individuals, or CC (indicated by green arrow) to copy to a person or group, or BCC (indicated by the blue arrow) to blind copy to a person or group.

The red box at the bottom, right corner of the screen is the Page Editing button.  This button allows you to display how many participants can be shown per page.  The save button, (indicated by the green box) in the bottom left corner of the screen, allows you to save the message and finish it at a later time.







Step 5

You may also choose to send your message as High priority which is indicated by the red arrow pointing at the High priority box.  If you need to attach a file choose the Add Attachments button (indicated by the red arrow).


High Priority




Step 6

After choosing the Add Attachments button, you will need to choose the location in which the file is located that you would like to attach (eg. Selecting My Computer to locate the file off your desktop)

Add Attachments





Step 7

Choose the file you would like to attach by highlighting the file and seleting the Open button.

Choose File



Check to make sure that your file has been attached.  The red arrow indicates where to look to see if the file has been attached.  Finally, click the send tab (indicated by the blue arrow) to send your message.



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If you have any additional questions, please contact the IT Helpdesk for techincal troubleshooting at 229-245-4357

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