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How do I add the Clicker Icon to my course so that students can submit their Device ID number?

If you would like to maintain all or some of your student's clicker results as grades, follow these steps to add the TurningPoint, Clicker integration to your BlazeVIEW course. This process adds an icon to the course from which students will submit their Clicker's device id number. The BlazeVIEW Integration featue in TurningPoint allows instructors to log into BlazeVIEW and download a Participant List of students (including the submitted device ID numbers). This list is what ties a student's Clicker with their BlazeVIEW account to post Clicker scores to the BlazeVIEW grade book.

1. Under the BUILD tab, select the "ADD CONTENT LINK DROP BOX" located above the course name.

add content link

2. Within the ADD CONTENT LINK DROP BOX, select "CLICKERS SRS." A YELLOW box will appear. Highlight "CLICKER" and select" ADD SELECTED".

Clicker SRS

Add Clicker

If "Clicker" is not in the inventory box, select "Create Clicker SRS," then type "Clicker" for the Title, then select the "Save" button.


3. Your HOMEPAGE should now look like this, with the CLICKER icon added to the page. Select the "DROP BOX" icon next to CLICKER and select "CUSTOMIZE LINK."

Homepage 1

Customize Link

4. In "CUSTOM DESCRIPTION FOR THIS LINK", it is suggested that you type the following message, " Submit DEVICE ID# located on the back of your Clicker, underneath the barcode".

Custom Description


5. So that students will better recognize the Clicker Link on Blazeview, Distance Learning has a custom Clicker icon that can replace the default icon. Save the following Clicker to your computer then do steps A and B.



Replace Icon

B) A "CONTENT BROWSER" popup window will open. Select "MY COMPUTER" and select the icon from your files.

My Computer

6. Select "SAVE."


7. Your HOMEPAGE should now look like this.