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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can't I take My Online Assessment (Exam/Quiz)?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to take your online assessments.


Do you have pop-up blockers installed on your computer?

Learn how to turn off popup blocker proprams


Are you trying to take an assessment before the start date and time?

 Although you may be able to see an assessment in your course, you will not be able to take the exam or quiz until the start date and time.

Once you have verified that you are taking the assessment on the correct day and time, If you have logged into the course before the test start time you may see a message that says, "The assessment is currently not available". Try logging out and logging back in.

Assessment Not Available

Is the assessment available on your course tools menu, course page, course folder, or learning module?

Whenever you take online courses, you will naturally have different instructors who will organize and display their course content differently. Your instructor my place the exam on the course home page, in a learning module (unit/lesson), or in a course folder. Also you may be able to access your assessments from the course tools menu.

Example 1: In this course, students can access the assessment from the course home page and the course tools menu.

Accessing Assessments


Contact the Helpdesk

If you are taking an assessment at the approriate, available time but are having trouble viewing the assesment or saving your answers, please contact the IT Helpdesk for techincal troubleshooting. 229-245-4357

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