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Why Can't i Download Files

1. Safer Internet browsing

Almost all Internet browsers have a security feature to help prevent the unintentional download of malicious viruses and spyware. Anytime you are surfing the net and want to download a file, you are prompted with some sort of dialogue that requests your permission to download a file. WebCT Vista is a web based application so you should expect this same "request for permission to download" prompt. This is not an error caused by WebCT. Please use the following guide to assist you with file downloads.

Downloading files with Internet Explorer

2. Document Viewing issues with WebCT

During the SP2007 semester start-up in Vista  a software upgrade inadvertently blocked an number of VSU users from viewing documents in their sections. While corrective action has been taken, any students still experiencing an "Unexpected System Exception" error when viewing course documents should report this via the WebCT Vista Form at http://www.valdosta.edu/vista/help.shtml.

*** Please specify the course and section where the problem is occurring.

Example: ENGL-1102-B

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