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Download and Install Wimba Create

1. Log into your BlazeVIEW account.

2. Click on the Faculty Help Resources link listed under the Course List.

Click on Faculty Tools

3. Click on Wimba Create.

Wimba Create

4. Click on Wimba Create - Installation.

Click on Install

5. Click on 2 - Click here to download....

Click on install

6. An installation download warning will appear. Click Run.

Click Run

7. Be srue to remain in BlazeVIEW, for you will need the License Code, which can be found under Wimba Create - Installation.

License Code

For further assistance, click 4 - Installation Instructions under the License Code. A PDF file will appear, which takes you step-by-step in the installation process.

WARNING: If, after step 5, nothing happens and a blank screen appears, check the top of the page for a yellow strip asking you to download the file. After clicking on the yellow strip, you will be redirected to the Course Menu. Return to Step 2 and run through the instructions again.


Note: Course Genie, the predecessor to Wimba Create, is no longer necessary once Wimba Create has been installed. If you still have this program on your computer, you may now uninstall it.