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Course Tools


Clicker IconClickers (Student Response System)

With Clickers, every student in class can respond to questions asked by the instructor. This makes it possible for faculty to evaluate student learning and comprehension as content is being presented. There are two main ways instructors use Clickers in the classroom. 1) During a presentation or lecture, and 2) For Self Paced Testing (Clickers can be used instead of scantron sheets).

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Wimba ClassroomWimba Classroom (Web Conferencing)

You instructor may use Wimba Classroom for one or more of your class sessions (or for online appointments and discussion).

View this guide for Wimba web conferencing


Logo CommuniCoachCommuniCoach

CommuiCoach is a Video Evaluation tool used by the College of Education. After students upload their videos, Instructors can assess performance by adding feedback directly to video segments. Feedback can then be reviewed and processed much more efficiently and meaningfully by students; with the click of the mouse, students can view the video segment to which the feedback refers.

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Outline of a hand with an eye in the center.Second Life

Second Life is like a 3-D web site expanded into a virtual world. An instructor can create activities and interactive, immersive simulations that are simply impossible in a “regular” classroom. In Second Life students can explore re-creations of real world places, simulations of events in the human body, engage in dialog with people from other countries, and much more while they have the feeling of "being there."

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