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Note: If you are already running the correct version of Mozilla Firefox, please skip these steps and proceed to Section 4: Browser Configuration.

Step 1:

Click Finder on the bottom left corner of your desktop.

Click Finder

Step 2:

Click Applications.

Click Applications

Step 3:

Click on the Firefox icon. Then, hold down the mouse button.

Click and Drag Firefox

Step 4:

While holding the mouse button, drag the Firefox icon over the Trash icon.

Drop Firefox in the Trash

Step 5:

Hold the CTRL key on your keyboard. While doing so, click on the Trash icon. Then, release the CTRL key and click Empty Trash.

Empty the Trash

Step 6:

Click the Mozilla Firefox download link on the browsers list.

Step 7:

Once the download is complete, the installation process will begin. Click the Accept button.

Step 8:

Click the Firefox icon, but do not release the mouse button. While holding down the mouse button, drag the Firefox icon over the Applications Folder icon on the right. Then, release the mouse button.


Step 9:

If a security window appears, click the Open button.