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Section 1: Internet Connection Test

Step 1:

Verify that you have high-speed internet. If you are uncertain whether or not you have high-speed internet, contact your Internet Service Provider company (ex. MediaCom, AT&T, Bellsouth, Comcast, etc.)

Note: Some of the features of Blazeview will not be accessible through a dial-up connection, such as streaming video.

Step 2:

Attempt to visit the Valdosta State University Blazeview login page.

BlazeVIEW Login

Step 3:

If you are unable to do so, attempt to visit some websites outside of Valdosta State University.

Some examples include:

Step 4:

If you were able to visit the pages listed in Step 3, but unable to reach the Valdosta State University BlazeVIEW login page, verify that your Internet Service Provider company is not blocking access to our site.

Meanwhile, if you are unable to access the sites listed in Step 3, contact your Internet Service Provider company for technical assistance, as you may be experiencing an overall internet service outage.

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