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AOL and BlazeVIEW

NOTE: Even though BlazeVIEW validates the AOL 9 Browser, it is typically unreliable with BlazeVIEW. AOL users should use Internet Explorer or another validated browser instead. See the Recommended Browsers list to download a validated browser (or upgrade them) on your computer.

If you are an AOL user, follow these directions to access BlazeVIEW:

AOL Version 9

- Connect to the Internet using AOL

- Click on the Settings icon for a list of options.

- Set Pop-up Controls - allow pop-up windows when viewing Web sites. Pop-up windows are an integral part of of some BlazeVIEW features. You can also set pop-up controls by entering AOL Keyword: Pop-up Controls.

- Set Internet (Web) Options -under Internet (Web) Options, click the AOL Browser Tab. Under the TopSpeed setting, select Do Not Store Web Pages.

- Open a private chat within AOL. This allows the AOL Browser client to remain open without disconnecting you while the browser is minimized.

- Minimize AOL.

- Launch a supported browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Firefox. (See Recommended Browsers)

- Follow the instructions on the Getting Started with BlazeVIEW page to prepare your browser settings.

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