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Why can't I Log in?

Can you see the BlazeVIEW entry page where you would login to BlazeVIEW? Yes ..... No

Can't Login, but able to access the entry page.

The username and password to log into BlazeVIEW are the same as for your VSU email account. Students not enrolled through the VSU registration system will need to consult with their program coordinator or section instructor for login instructions.

Specific log in problems can be addressed by the following:

  • Your BlazeVIEW username is that part of your official VSU email address that comes before the @ symbol.

    Ex: your email address is jbrady@valdosta.edu ...then your BlazeVIEW username is jbrady

    Don't know your VSU email address?
    Find it with the username lookup guide.
  • To locate your BlazeVIEW password, use the BlazeVIEW Self-service Password Utility.
    You can use this tool to to locate your password for FIRST TIME BlazeVIEW login, or for a BlazeVIEW PASSWORD RESET if you have forgotten your password.

  • Your password may not be what you expected. (Don't we all have too many passwords?) Use the BlazeVIEW Self-service Password Utility to verify or reset your password.
    • Make sure CAPS LOCK is off.
    • Make sure your web browser has not saved an old password.
    • The IT Helpdesk can help you with changing your BlazeVIEW password. Complete the Vista Help Form and make sure to indicate the problem is a password problem.
  • If you are enrolled in a University System of Georgia Collaborative programs you will not log into VSU's BlazeVIEW. Please select the appropriate login for your program: eCore | GOML | WebMBA | European Union Certificate


Unable to access the BlazeVIEW entry page

If you are unable to see the BlazeVIEW Entry page, then it is most likely that BlazeVIEW or part of BlazeVIEW is down.

1. First, check to see if BlazeVIEW is down for scheduled maintenance. BlazeVIEW is taken down every Friday night between 10pm and 4 am Saturday morning for regularly scheduled maintenance. Additional maintenance will be announced ahead of time and will be listed on the maintenance calendar located on the calendars page.

2. If BlazeVIEW is not down for schedule maintenance, it may be that only a single Node (part) of BlazeVIEW is down. When this occurs, most users are automatically redirected to a different part of BlazeVIEW. Occasionally a computer can become locked in on a single node and will not be redirected to a different BlazeVIEW node. When this occurs, it can appear as if BlazeVIEW is down. One way to correct this is either restart your computer and/or to flush your DNS cache. Here are instructions on how to flush your DNS cache.

3. If the BlazeVIEW entry page still does not come up even after your restart your computer and flush your DNS cache, then their may be another issue going on or BlazeVIEW may be down for nonscheduled maintenance. At that point, you would want to contact the IT Helpdesk for further assistance and information.

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Still need  help? Complete the BlazeVIEW Help Form and place in the comments that you can log into BlazeNet but cannot log into BlazeVIEW.


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