Reassigned Time for Research Pool

Requests for faculty release time to engage in scholarly research appropriate to their discipline.

Point of Contact for the Advisory Committee:

Dr. David Danahar, Interim Provost

Budget Manager:

Dr. David Danahar, Interim Provost

Advisory Committee Members:

Deans Council

Pool Processes & Committee Guidelines:

Schedule & Call for Proposals: The request schedule is to be determined annually by the Provost and announced through the Deans Council.

Requesting Funds: Requests for reassigned time are made through the typical budgetary hierarchy: Employee to Department Head to Dean to Provost. Please use the following form for requesting reassigned time: Reassigned_Time_App.docx

1. A Faculty member requests reassigned time for scholarship from the department head (form available in Provost office).
2. The department head verifies that the project meets disciplinary and departmental goals.
3. The Department head considers and ranks requests within the department and forwards ranking to the Dean.
4. The Dean approves/disapproves requests from their respective College and forwards ranked requests to the Provost.
5. The Provost presents the requests to the Planning and Budget Committee for their recommendation.

Notification of Awards: After consulting with the President and considering available funds, the Provost writes the award letters to the faculty.

Prioritization of Requests: Priority is given to requests which... insert

Award Accountability: Applicants who receive reassigned time are expected to... insert

Chart String to be Used if Funding is Approved:

Fund - 10500
Program - 14700
Class - 11000
Dept ID - 1351000

Annual Summary of Pool Activity:

FY2014 (July 2013 - June 2014, Academic Year Fall13 & Spring14)