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Major Scientific Equipment Pool

This pool allocates scientific equipment for use in teaching and research with a cost exceeding $50,000. Priority is given to items supporting multiple scientific disciplines and with a high likeliness for use in undergraduate work.

Point of Contact for the Advisory Committee:

Dr. Connie Richards; Dean of Arts and Sciences clrichards@valdosta.edu

Budget Manager:

Dr. David Danahar, Interim Provost

Advisory Committee Members:

Biology Department Head
Biology Faculty Member
Chemistry Department Head
Chemistry Faculty Member
Math/Computer Science Department Head
Math/Computer Science Faculty Member
Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences Department Head
Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences Faculty Member
Chair elected by committee membership each year.

Pool Processes & Committee Guidelines:

All meetings of the committee shall be open and announced to STEM faculty.

Schedule & Call for Proposals: The Committee shall elect a chair from among the group each year. The chair will issue the Call for Proposals via email and establish the deadlines and meeting places, in conjunction with the wishes of the Committee. The Committee chair will announce the deadline(s) via e-mail to members of the appropriate departments at least three weeks in advance of the September meeting. The chair will also call at least one meeting in September and other meetings as needed; she/he will also forward the committee’s recommendations to the dean by October 1, in keeping with VSU Funding Pool guidelines.

Requesting Funds: Applicants shall submit requests using the designated Major Scientific Equipment Pool Application form. All funding requests must be endorsed by the Department Head prior to submission to the chair of the Committee. Those submitting proposals may present them in person at the Committee meeting, if they wish.

Notification of Awards: The committee chair will notify applicants of the committee’s decision in a timely matter. Items receiving committee approval for purchase shall have purchase orders attached by the time they are forwarded to the dean. Throughout the year, emergency requests will be handled on an “as needs” basis, pending leftover funding.

Prioritization of Requests: Priority shall be given to 1. research requests that emphasize multi-users and/or multi-disciplines, including undergraduate research, faculty research and classroom applications. Each user must note on the application the equipment’s intended use; and 2. applicants who demonstrate a record of research productivity, especially undergraduate research, particularly in the last three years; however, those in the early stages of research are also encouraged to apply and to articulate a clear vision for the research project.

Award Accountability: Applicants receiving funding must submit an annual progress report to the Committee for Year One and Year Two. The Committee shall establish the deadline for these reports.

Chart String to be Used if Funding is Approved:

Fund - 10500
Program - 11100
Class - 11000
Dept ID - 1111053

Annual Summary of Pool Activity:

FY2014 (July 2013 - June 2014, Academic Year Fall13 & Spring14)