Graduate Stipend Pool

This Committee has the responsibility for reviewing requests for graduate student strategic assistantships (GSSA) and for presenting their recommendations for funding to the Dean of the Graduate School. Recommends funding allocation levels for graduate student stipends. Establishes criteria for award of stipends to attract and retain increased graduate student enrollment (ie, graduate student performing work in their field).

Point of Contact for the Advisory Committee:

Dean of the Graduate School

Budget Manager:

Dr. David Danahar, Interim Provost

Advisory Committee Members:

The Graduate Student Strategic Assistantship Stipend Committee is a sub-committee of the Graduate Executive Committee with representation across Colleges and Divisions, and the inclusion of a graduate assistant.

9 voting members (representing all Colleges & Divisions):
College of Arts
College of Nursing
College of Arts & Sciences
Division of Social Work
College of Education
Division of Library Sciences
College of Business
Graduate Student with Current Assistantship

Ex-officio, non-voting: Provost, Dean of Graduate School

Pool Processes & Committee Guidelines:

Schedule & Call for Proposals: Announcements about the Process and Timelines for requesting GSSA positions will:

  • be placed on the Graduate school website,
  • be announced at Graduate Executive Committee Meetings, Department Head Meetings, and at Dean’s Council Meetings.
  • will be emailed to all graduate program coordinators and their Department Heads, Deans, Vice President of Student Affairs and the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
Spring Assistantships Timeline
Announcements of Fund Process: July 15
Requests due to Dean of Graduate School: August 15
Open Meeting: posted on Web the last week in August
Notification of Position Approval: Sept 1
If approved, position will be available to until  January 5.
Fall Assistantships Timeline
Announcements of Fund /Process: November 1
Requests due to Dean of Graduate School: December 5
Open Meeting: posted on Web the Third  week in January
Notification of Position Approval: January 31
If approved, position will be available to department until July 1.

Requesting Funds: Each Graduate Program or Non-Academic Program interested in requesting a GSSA Position should send the following to the Dean of the Graduate School (Forms for the GSSA will be available on the Graduate School Website):

  • Fill out a Program Plan Form (one time a year only, must accompany a request)
  • Fill out a GSSA Position Request Form

Prioritization of Requests: If funds are limited, the Dean of the Graduate school may contact the Dean/Division Head/Unit Head to request that he/she prioritize requests from his/her unit. Then, using the forms indicated above, the Dean of the Graduate School will recommend approval of the position(s) based on the following priorities:

  • Alignment of request to the Program Plan
  • Availability of funds
  • Previous performance relative to effective use of a GSSA position (if applicable)
  • Relative potential for positive impact on graduate programs

The requests will then be presented to the advisory committee at open meetings twice a year.

  • Dean will provide a report detailing the number of requests for positions, and the rationale for his/her recommendations for approving/disapproving requests.
  • Committee will have an opportunity to discuss these recommendations and provide guidance to the Dean relative to these specific position requests.
  • The Dean will make the final decision on position requests and notify the committee and the applicants of approval/disapproval status.

Notification of Awards:

  • Once a position request has been approved, the program may use this position for recruiting. If the position is not filled within a specified time (see timeline below), the position funds will return to the pool so that other programs can potentially use the funds.
  • When a program has identified a prospective graduate student for their position, they will send a GSSA candidate request form to the Graduate Dean.
  • The Dean of the Graduate School will convene the committee (electronically or face to face) to review the request for a particular student recommended for the position. The committee will vote to approve/disapprove the request.
  • If approved, the Graduate School will notify the program and the student that the funds for the assistantship will be awarded.

Award Accountability:

  • Evaluation of the assistantship position will be done by the graduate school by surveying the student and the employer.
  • The supervisor will be required to report on outcomes that they pre-defined, at the end of the assistantship.
  • Minutes will be posted on the VSU web site for the committee.  Select decisions can be decided by email vote if time or other situations warrant.
  •  A summary of funding decisions will be presented to the Graduate Executive Committee twice a year.

Chart String to be Used if Funding is Approved:

Fund - 10500
Program - 11100
Class - 11000
Dept ID - 1111051

Annual Summary of Pool Activity:

FY2014 (July 2013 - June 2014, Academic Year Fall13 & Spring14)