Computer Replacement Pool

Recommends allocation levels and replacement cycles for faculty and staff computing needs.

Point of Contact for the Advisory Committee:

Dr. Jerry Merwin; Chair of the Faculty Senate Technology Committee

Budget Manager:

Mr. Joe Newton, Director of Information Technology

Advisory Committee Members:

Committee Chair is Chair of the Faculty Senate Technology Committee or his or her designee.
Membership includes the membership of the Faculty Senate Technology Committee.
A representative is named by each Vice-President of Advancement, Finance and Administration, and Student Affairs.

Pool Processes & Committee Guidelines:

The Faculty Senate Technology Committee, expanded to include staff representatives from Advancement, Finance & Administration, and Student Affairs, reviews and recommends expenditures and priorities of the IT Division Funding Pools for Computer Replacement and IT Infrastructure to the Director of Information Technology.

Schedule & Call for Proposals: Meetings are open and the public will be routinely invited to participate. The Advisory Committee Chair, in collaboration with the Budget Manager for the pool, will annually notify campus of the meeting schedule.

Requesting Funds: The Director of Information Technology receives requests from the campus and devises an overall technology plan which is presented to the committee for review and advice.  Expenditures are also presented to further inform planning going forward.  The committee focuses advice on processes and strategies over specific projects or tactics.

The Computer Replacement Pool typically funds desktop computer equipment for faculty and staff with the goal of keeping equipment refreshed and updated in an appropriate cycle, such as 4 years.

Equipment such as network cabling, fiber cabling connecting buildings, copper cabling inside buildings, and network electronics, and core networked services such as servers supporting applications of the network, security systems, network management, and enterprise applications are more appropriate for consideration in the IT Infrastructure pool process.

Notification of Awards: The... insert

Prioritization of Requests: Priority will be given to... insert

Chart String to be Used if Funding is Approved:

Fund – 10500
Program – 14400
Class – 11000
Dept ID – 1330006/7

Annual Summary of Pool Activity:

FY2014 (July 2013 - June 2014, Academic Year Fall13 & Spring14)