Academic Equipment & Equipment Maintenance Pool

Requests for new equipment, equipment repair/maintenance, annual maintenance fees, etc. which directly enhance the instructional and/or research mission of the university.

Point of Contact for the Advisory Committee:

Dr. David Danahar, Interim Provost

Budget Manager:

Dr. David Danahar, Interim Provost

Advisory Committee Members:

Deans Council

Pool Processes & Committee Guidelines:

Schedule & Call for Proposals: The request schedule is to be determined annually by the Provost and announced through the Deans Council.

Requesting Funds: Requests for new equipment or the maintenance of existing equipment are made through the typical budgetary hierarchy: Employee to Department Head to Dean to Provost.

1. Faculty members request research/instructional equipment and maintenance from the Department Head of their unit.
2. The Department Head verifies that the equipment/maintenance meets disciplinary and departmental goals.
3. The members of the department consider all their requests in an open meeting; the requests are ranked; then forwarded to the Dean for consideration at the College level.
4. Each Dean approves/disapproves requests from their college and forwards the approved requests in a ranked list along with Purchase Request Forms to the Provost.
5. The Provost presents the approved requests to the Planning and Budget Committee for its recommendation.

Notification of Awards: After consulting with the President, and considering available funds, the Provost writes the award letters to the faculty.

Prioritization of Requests: Prioritization occurs at the Departmental level, the Deans level, and the Provost's level.

Award Accountability: Applicants who receive funding should document

Chart String to be Used if Funding is Approved:

Fund - 10500
Program - 14600
Class - 11000
Dept ID - 1311017

Annual Summary of Pool Activity:

FY2014 (July 2013 - June 2014, Academic Year Fall13 & Spring14)