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September 2012

Back to School 101!

Class of 2016 Welcome

Another year at Valdosta State University has begun! Students are winding down from the summer heat and excited to make a fresh start for the year. It is important to remind students of the responsibility that comes with being a college student. We need to help our students make good decisions and give them good advice that will make the 2012-2013 school year a success. Some helpful advice and tips should include eating healthy, ways to make money, and ways to make good grades for the semester.

It is important to encourage your child to not hit up every fast-food restaurant on campus. Not only is it bad for you, but it will empty your wallet as well. Let your student know of healthy tips and recipes that will benefit their mind and body. Below are some helpful links that will assist you and your student in finding the best meal choices.

Visiting the VSU website, you will find the Dine on Campus website. This provides you with information on where to eat on campus and also gives you options to look at nutrition under Total Health. There is also a place where you can start a nutrition journal.

The following are good sites to visit for more helpful tips and recipes:

During the college years, it is hard to keep that wallet full, so encourage your student to make a little money and find a job. Jobs can be found on campus as well as off campus. There are many employment opportunities that can be found online at the VSU website. The following are some links that will help your student with their search for more money:

Encourage your student to make good grades this semester. If they are struggling in a course or having trouble balancing class and having fun, make them aware of the places and people they can find on campus that will assist them in being successful for the semester. Some of the resources they can use on campus include the Student Success Center, an advisor, or a tutor. Below are the links for each:

This is another helpful link that would help current students find useful offices, policies / procedures, and help / tools:


Keeping up with the Calendar

Georgia Hall

Having trouble keeping up with your own calendar, let alone the activities of the rest of your household. Below are a few of the university calendars and web sites updated to keep students and parents aware of deadlines and events.

University Calendar of Events: Coming to campus this weekend? Check out this daily list of university happenings.

Official VSU FACEBOOK Page: Keep up with the latest VSU news and pictures. Join the Valdosta State global network!

Academic Calendar

Housing: Look for important news and dates.

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