Life @ GHP

GHP's host institution is Valdosta State University, located in Valdosta, GA. This year, GHP students reside in Georgia and Langdale Halls, in the heart of VSU's beautiful campus.

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GHP Instruction is provided by the best high school and college instructors from the state of Georgia and beyond. Students work in their major field from 8am to 12:30pm, and in their minor field from 2pm to 4:30pm.

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The Experience

Outside of instructional time, students have a wide range of activities including seminars, concerts, recreation, sports and other events in which to participate. It's all part of the rich GHP heritage.

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2013 is GHP's 50th session on the Magic Square.

Margaret O. Bynum was the moving force behind the 1963 law that created gifted education in our state. At the time, not a lot was being done for gifted and talented students in our schools and Bynum started the push to create gifted education in Georgia from scratch. GHP was part of that push.

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