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Office Administration and Technology

Online Bachelor Degree Completion option (OAT OBC)

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The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Office Administration and Technology is designed to prepare students for administrative, supportive, and supervisory positions in business or industrial settings, professional offices, public institutions, and government agencies. 

Through the program, students develop proficiency in the use of state-of-the-art office technology and equipment, office procedures and management, document processing and design, communication skills, and decision making. 

In addition, students obtain an extensive background in business administration which helps to qualify for promotions to managerial positions.  The academic course requirements for the B.S. in Office Administration and Technology requires the completion of 60 semester hours of core courses at VSU, plus 60 semester hours of major courses. 

  • Special Requirements:
    • Area F completed
    • Core completed
    • Minimum 2.3 GPA before enrolling in ACED 4000-level courses.
    • 3 years of valid verifiable work experience documented through ACED2940.
    • OAT majors may take NO MORE than 30 hours of coursework from the College of Business.
  • Delivery: The program is delivered primarily through Internet   Supplemental format(s) include:   Some Area F courses are NOT offered online through VSU, but those need to be completed before the student is fully admitted into our program. We will help them find those courses online, currently as transient students.
  • Technology:
    • Computer with current operating system (Windows or Mac).
    • High Speed Internet Access
    • Additional peripherals; Headphones, printer may be required.
  • Transfer Credit: A maximum of 90 semester hours of credit may be applied toward a bachelor's degree.
  • Cost: Please see the Fee/Aid link for details.
  • Financial Aid: Student loans are available through the VSU Office of Financial Aid 229-333-5935.

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Admission Requirements

STEP 1: To be fully admitted to the OAT OBC Option, you will need to have:

  1. Been accepted for admission at VSU
  2. Provided all official transcripts for all colleges and universities attended
  3. Met USG core curriculum requirements (or equivalent)
  4. Achieved at least an overall GPA of 2.3
  5. Passed both parts of the Regents' Testing Program (or exempted by SAT, ACT)
  6. Successfully completed all Area F courses (or exempted) with a grade of "C" or better
  7. Successfully qualified for 3 experiential credits in ACED 2940 with a minimum of 3 years of valid, verifiable work related experience
  8. Provided evidence of online readiness through SmarterMeasure

Haven't quite met all the requirements yet? No problem! Just complete STEPS 2 and 3 below, and an advisor will assist you in "bridging" into the program. The University System of Georgia provides several routes for a student interested in completing a bachelor's degree online including:

STEP 2: Apply online to Valdosta State University as an OAT major. NOTE: Applications are purged after one year of non-activity.

STEP 3: Once you have been admitted to VSU, please use our convenient Contact Form, or phone us at 229-333-5636 to request our assistance with the next steps toward completing your OAT degree through the Online Bachelor Completion option.

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Program of Study

-------------University Core – (42 Hours) Hrs.
Area A: Essential Skills 9
Area B: Institutional Options 4
Area C: Humanities/Fine Arts 6
Area D: Science, Math and Technology 11
Area E: Social Sciences 12
----------Area F: Courses Appropriate to the Major – (18 Hours)  
BUSA 2106 - Environment of Business 3
ACED 2000 - Beginning Keyboarding (exemption exam available) 3
ACED 2400 - Computer Technology for the Workplace(exemption exam available) 3
ACCT 2101 - Principles of Accounting I 3
ACED 1100 - Introduction to Business 3
ECON 1500 - Survey of Economics 3
---------------Major Course Requirements – (60 Hours)  
ACED 2050 - Communications for the Workplace 3
ACED 3000 - Intermediate Keyboarding (exemption exam available) 3
ACED 3100 - Computer Systems 3
ACED 3101 - Workplace Computerized Bookkeeping 3
ACED 3150 - Computer Operating Systems for the Office 3
ACED 3400 - Applied Computer Technology 3
ACED 3610 - Web Design & Multimedia 3
ACED 3700 - Desktop Publishing 3
ACED 4020 - Virtual Office Technology 3
ACED 4050 - Office Management 3
ACED 4070 - Office Applications 3
ACED 4160 - Administrative Office Procedures 3
ACED 4300B - Practicum in ACED 3
ACED 4810 - Contemporary Skills for the Workplace 3
MKTG 3050 - Introduction to Marketing 3
----------------Guided Electives  (15 Hours)  
Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3

TOTAL Semester Hour Credits:


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Course Descriptions

ACED 2050 Communications for the Workplace
Prerequisite: ENGL 1102.
Principles of effective oral and written communications. A thorough review of grammar, sentence and paragraph construction, punctuation, and writing techniques. Emphasis on the job-getting process.

ACED 3000 Intermediate Keyboarding
Prerequisite: Grade of “C” or better in ACED 2000 or exemption.
Continued emphasis on speed and accuracy building. Detailed coverage of business letters, memos, multiple-page reports, and miscellaneous documents. Exemption test available.

ACED 3100 Computer Systems
A general overview of computer hardware and networks. Emphasis is placed on developing basic technological expertise and leadership in administering computer technology in the workplace.

ACED 3101 Workplace Computerized Booking
Prerequisite: ACED 2400 or CS 1000 or instructor consent, and ACCT 2101. Handson application of bookkeeping and computer concepts through the installation, set-up, and use of a typical integrated computerized accounting software system, including set-up and maintenance of software, management of a chart of accounts and ledgers, analysis of transactions, generation of financial reports, file and data management, and system security.

ACED 3150 Computer Operating Systems for the Office
An introduction to operating systems, with hands-on experience in at least one operating system widely used in contemporary office settings. Topics include operating systems, their development, function, resources, memory management, processor management, user interface, and embedded software applications. This course helps prepare students to take a certification exam for a current operating system.

ACED 3400 Applied Computer Technology
Prerequisite: ACED 2400 or CS 1000 or consent of instructor. Development of intermediate and advanced skills in the use of spreadsheet, database, communication, and presentation software. Emphasis is placed on creation of computer projects appropriate to the student’s major.

ACED 3610 Web Design and Multimedia
Prerequisite: ACED 2400 or CS 1000, or consent of instructor. Development of the knowledge and skills necessary for utilizing web editing and graphics programs effectively. This course will focus on the design and production of web sites and other materials for use in educational and training environments

ACED 3700 Desktop Publishing
Prerequisite: ACED 2400 or CS 1000 or consent of instructor.
Development of desktop publishing concepts and their application to the modern office. Basic, intermediate, and advanced features of a variety of application programs for page design will be used to create various business-related documents.

ACED 4020 Virtual Office Technology
Prerequisites: ACED 2400 or CS 1000 or consent of instructor and overall GPA of
2.3.Overview of skills needed to perform as a virtual office assistant, with emphasis on the use of time and information management applications and increased knowledge of the role of online meetings, Internet telephone communication software, Internet research, social networking tools, e-commerce, and mobile devices in the modern office. This course helps prepare students to take a certification exam for a current communication software program.

ACED 4050 Workforce Development and Management
Prerequisite: Overall GPA of 2.3. Fundamentals of organizational behavior, management, and training examined through the applied context of business education, office administration, technology, and training. Topics include functions of management, education, legislation, personnel, supervision, and training.

ACED 4070 Office Applications
Prerequisites: Grade of “C” or better in ACED 2050 and ACED 3000; overall GPA of 2.3; restricted to OAT and BE majors. Focus on three major aspects of office administration– business calculations, machine transcription, and records management. Emphasis in the course is on solving business mathematics problems using the electronic calculator, keying a variety of business documents from machine transcription, and completing a records management simulation.

ACED 4160 Administrative Office Procedures
Prerequisites: Grade of “C” or better in ACED 2050, ACED 3000, and ACED 3400; overall GPA opf 2.3; restricted to OAT and BE majors.Development of increased awareness of the role and scope of the administrative assistant position. This course will focus on basic and expanded job responsibilities, professionalism, and the performance of simulated office activities.

ACED 4300 Practicum in Adult and Career Education
Prerequisite: Senior Standing and major in appropriate specialization; permission of the advisor must be obtained before registration.

ACED 4810 Contemporary Skills for the Workplace
Analysis of the workplace skills needed in a rapidly changing technological society. Emphasis is on communication skills, employee motivation, change management, delegation, team building, and career planning. Students are required to build a career plan and to design a change management project.

MKTG 3050 Introduction to Marketing
Prerequisites: ECON 1500 or ECON 2106. Basics of targeting products and services to satisfy customer needs through product, price, promotion, and distribution strategies. Marketing strategies are discussed within the context of prevailing political, social, ethical, economic, legal, competitive, and technological environments.

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