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Campus Mediators

The following people are CNCR trained campus mediators.

Dr. Martha Laughlin CRC Co-Liaison & Associate Professor, Director of Clinical Training, Family Therapy
Ms. Rebecca Murphy CRC Co-Liaison & Assistant Director of HR for Employee Development
Dr. Denise Bogart Director, Human Resources
Ms. Jan Fackler Assistant Director of Financial Services for Budget Services
Ms. Laverne Gaskins University Attorney
Ms. Rosezella Ward Assistant Director of HR
Dr. Beverly Richardson-Blake Director, Learning Support
Dr. Kimberly Tanner Director, Access Office
Mrs. Teresa Williams Administrative Coordinator, Graduate School
Dr. Shani Gray Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
Dr. Stephen Childs Retired Professor, Sociology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice
Mr. Tim Yorkey Training Specialist, Employee Development
Mrs. Faye Altman Retired Counselor, Counseling Center
Dr. Mary Margaret Richardson Retired Professor, Nursing

In addition to the VSU mediators listed above, CNCR (Consortium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution) makes it possible for mediators from other University System of Georgia campuses to come to the VSU campus when appropriate.