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Conflict Resolution Committee Members


Member Name
Area of Representation
Dr. Martha Laughlin ADR Co-Liaison & Associate Professor Marriage and Family Therapy Program
Ms. Rebecca Murphy ADR Co-Liaison & Assistant Director of HR for Employee Development Finance and Administration
Dr. Maggie Viverette Director Office of Social Equity
Mr. Hollis Barnett Professor Art Department
Dr. Denise Bogart Director, Human Resources Finance and Administration
Ms. Jan Fackler Assistant Director of Finacial Services for Budget Services Finance and Administration
Dr. Linda Floyd Assistant Professor College of Nursing
Mr. Terence Sullivan Advisor, Student Success Center Member, Council on Staff Affairs (ex officio member)
Ms. Laverne Gaskins, Esq. University Attorney Legal Affairs
Dr. Sheri Gravett Assistant VP, Academic Affairs Dean's Council
Dr. Tom Hardy Director, Housing and Residence Life Student Affairs
Dr. Stephen Lahr Professor, Art Department Member, Faculty Senate Grievance Committee
Ms. Irena McClellan Student Advisor, International Programs International Programs
Dr. Marc-George Pufong Associate Professor Political Science
Dr. Beverly Richardson-Blake Director, Learning Support Academic Affairs
Vacant   Student Government Association (ex officio member)
Dr. Kimberly Tanner Director, Access Office Student Affairs
Dr. Shani Gray Associate Professor Criminal Justice
Mrs. Teresa Williams Administrative Coordinator Graduate School
Dr. Theresa Thompson Professor, English Department Chair, Faculty Senate Grievance Committee (ex officio member)