Visions du Pain

Sheri Dorsett


Filled with anticipation

I leap from my car to the bakery door

Already tasting the pain au chocolate


Crumbling, buttery flakes

Melt away to deep rich dark chocolate

Absolute bliss in each savored bite

Taking me back to breakfast in St. Malo

Stepping on medieval stones in narrow alleys

The sea beckoning below its ancient walls

Another slow, languorous nibble
Evokes visions of chateaux on the Loire                                                                                  Vineyards, gardens, gold molding–                                                                                    So rococo it hurts the eyes to take it in                                                                               The scent of land seen, touched, tasted,                                                                                     And longed for

Satiated and spent

Empty paper in my curled hands

I marvel at the powers of pastry

And know I shall return again

For another delicious daydream