The First Licorice Jelly Bean

Amanda Gaither


After a great dinner at Cracker Barrel, you wanted more

The yummy jelly beans appealed to your senses

When I gave in, you received the colored candy

Your blue eyes sparkled because you got your way

Tearing the side of the bag as jelly beans fall out

You tasted bean after bean with delight on your face


In the Mariner,

Your blonde hair moving with the wind

You scanned the array of colorful candy

You felt the hard-coated texture as the color rubbed off on your fingers

As the sugar hit your tongue, your smile lit up the small SUV

I loved how you picked up the most appealing beans

You dug through the bag, picking one after another

With no worries, you crammed about five in your mouth

Your somewhat goofy grin created joy in my heart


Then you finally picked the black

Wondering how it would taste

I anticipated you putting your sticky hands on it

As you placed it into your mouth, I waited for a reaction

You slowly, unsurely placed the bean into your mouth

Not knowing what taste you would find

Your eyebrows rose

Your cheeks puffed

Your eyes widened

Your mouth formed as a fish

Your distorted look was priceless