Stephanie Gregory

Poem #3


The Beginning of Us


Stepping on the newly arrived spring grass

wiping my brow

scanning the park

greeting strangers

wondering if you arrived.


My gaze shifts

and meets your brown eyes.

Your tall stature

grinning, eager, striding along

secure, relaxed.


I feel a rush of excitement.

The wind—swooshing, whistling,

blowing across my face, tickling .


Deciding on a small concrete bench

sitting silently,

birds chirping happily.

Still, smiling, shy

afraid to look at each other.


The silence is broken

and hidden by a joke.

We’re tickled by humor,

our lips begin to utter words,

and our voices spread laughter.


As the hour ticks to an end,

sadly we must say our good-byes

but the first date, our date,

is just the beginning

of us.