Nikki Diana Smith



Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers


There’s a Wal-Mart shopper,

wearing his Dale Jr. cap

arguing with his wife

who still has rollers in her hair.

The baby squeals loudly

with sticky gunk on his chin.

Behind the family, listening intently,

stands “Joe” in his uniform;

blue and covered with grease

with grime under his fingernails.

Some are distinguishable by their speech,

 “Kim” becoming “Kee-um,”

while others are noted

by slight subtleties.


Their buggies overflow

with snacks and frozen meals,

making life as simple as possible.

Waiting for their prescriptions, 

they meander through the specials

lifting this, considering that.

falling for the company’s gimmicks.

Buy two and save a dollar!

They don’t need two,

but saving a buck

is more than they can bear.


These are Wal-Mart people.

I stand beside them everyday,

blocking their persona from my view.

I pretend not to see, not to hear,

but they invade my day.

I look down at my buggy

to the frozen lasagna,

the two for one chips,

bargain-brand milk,

and argue with my boyfriend

over the quickest checkout.




Despite Southern charm

and my Fossil purse,

I am a Wal-Mart person.

I too, need cheapness,

one-stop shopping,

fast service,

and the perfect Rotisserie chicken

to fill my belly.