Julie Rucker


The Price of a Stick of Butter


Thank you, Paula Deen,
for giving women the courage
to use butter.

Eight tablespoons of edible gold
add moisture, flavor, and
fat grams.

You bravely paved a yellow brick road with

brown bags from the Coastal Empire

to a Food Network Financial Empire.


Your TV self would say,

"That dish tastes just like Mama’s,"
or maybe, "It's so good, you'd slap yore granny, y'all!"

People save their pennies to eat at the Lady,
fine food in the evening and at lunch,
same butter, same flavor, different price.

Just a tip: When I cook your recipes at home,
they taste better than your buffet meals.
You should try smaller pots.

If you find yourself in Tifton,

you are invited to Sunday brunch.

My hash brown casserole and gooey butter cake are fine eatin'.

So, thank you, Paula, for teaching me
the one ingredient I really need is that

smooth stick of flavor in my refrigerator door.

Just don't step on a scale, y'all.