Heidi Lynch

Poem 3: Oh Jello, My Jello

Final Draft



In bowls, cups or molds

infinite joy abounds.


completes my meal.


So jiggly, so smooth,

Jello harbors no secrets

in the jagged glacier cliffs etched by my spoon

that innocently melt on my tongue.


Oh, Amber-like block

that suspends its captive.

Be it fruit, be it cream,

my lips are not deceived.


The colorful rainbow tempts me . . .

Crimson, azure, and emerald

Lucious fruit or tantalizing berry

Which hallowed choice will my palette bless?


Lava hot! . . . until the transformation.

Time gifts you, so bright and so cool.

An odorless quake tracks the path to my mouth,

Haters do not appreciate your simplicity.


Illness sets in when you are not around.

Though my health is intact,

Do not keep your distance . . .

for that is when I love you best.