Alison Adamson


Questions of Life


Before you, I pondered basic questions:

When does life begin?

When the sperm and egg unite in a cataclysmic explosion,

destroying the two, creating a new life?

When the baby’s heart thumps,

Rhythmically beating inside its warm cocoon?


Who determines life?

Well, God of course.

After God, it was you.


My heart beat for 31 fabulous years,

what I thought was living;

then came you.

Tenderly, the nurse placed you in my arms.

What I thought was my life changed before my eyes.

Before you, I existed.

Now, I live.


Before you, I knew my future.

As I held you, looked into your two shimmering tide pools,

I recognized everything of my dreams.

No more did I long for a successful career.

Being a good Mommy my only desire.

Your love my only compensation.


Now, four years later, little has changed.

You still have my heart wrapped around your tiny finger.

As you flash your smile or cut your eyes,

You control my essence without even trying.


Some people worry about career choices,

I worry about preschool choices.

God blessed me by giving me life,

your life.

I shall treasure it always.


So to answer my question:

When did my life begin?

The moment I met you.