Sharon Gaskins


Twenty-three years ago

A patchwork of us

Began to take shape . . .


Your class ring, a glowin’ jewel on my finger

Dates in a gigantic red Dodge

Faded by shavin’ cream

I put on the hood

Formed the first square.


Bone-rattlin’ concerts,

Thunderous monster truck pulls,

Giggin’ jumpy frogs,

Fishin’ on the river,

You catchin’ ‘em,

Me studyin’.


Fragrant roses on my birthday,

Hormones ignited by the first kiss,

Your lovin’ proposal

Threaded the needle.


Raindrops glitterin’ the grass

On our wedding day

Tied the knot.

You opened the car door,

Vaseline and bird seed on your hand.


Our first home bare as can be,

Yet full of young love.

Chickens scratchin’ up my flowers,

Hogs rootin’ under the house

Continued the seam.


Grillin’, home-grown Black Angus steak,

You peelin’ my shrimp,

Us puttin’ up veggies.


Trips to celebrate just because,

Three girls as beautiful as can be

Made the seam stronger.



Standin’ together as we lost loved ones,

Hugs when I needed them most.


I glimpse more squares to come

Sewn together with love.