The C Word

Lynita Hamilton



They had grabbed the wrong file

Iím sure that was what occurred

I heard them whispering in the hallway

Oh no, not the c word


As she entered the room

The doctor said, ďOkay, hereís whatís going on.Ē

It couldnít be the c word

Iím sure that she was wrong


Everything would be fine

I convinced myself that day

Some how the c word

Just wouldnít go away


I couldnít hold my babies

The chemo really hurt

I didnít want to admit it,
But I had to accept the c word


I spent many days in bed

Not really wanting to be

How could the awful c word

Leave its mark on me


Itís been almost a year now

Since I got the frightening news

Life seems so much sweeter

Iíve still got so much to do


I see the look in their eyes

They are filled with sorrow

I wonít let cancer have me

Not today and not tomorrow