All Hail the Queen
Dottie Griffis

The Queen Bee prances into the bedroom,
tail swishing, paws padding lightly,
smiling sweetly,
her true agenda of making her presence known a mystery
to the dog,
but not to me.
She bounds to her throne of choice—
the wooden chest in the corner. 

Attitude gushes from her as she meows loudly

to the shivering, angry Chihuahua lying on the bed.

The Queen now aware only of herself

busily licks her silky, long white hair

and waits

for the audience of two to be in awe

of how the light streaming through the window

reflects in her eyes.

And through the mirror we see

an image of beauty.


Looking around, stretching gracefully,

the Queen pauses.

One last look for us to see

and be entranced

before boredom takes its toll,

and the majestic option becomes clear,

Nap Time—

the royal treatment reserved for the Queen.