Ansley Carmichael

Why is there pain in the world?
What did I do wrong?
Everywhere I look,
I get angered in my home.

God gave us free will;
I know that much is true.
But why do people choose
to do the things they do?

I want justice for the innocent.
I want anguish for the guilty.
I want to be less judgmental,
but seem to have a problem with it.

I should leave it in Godís hands;
thatís what I ought to do,
but every time I hear of crime,
Iím angered beyond reason.

So Lord, forgive me of my sins
and forgive me of my hateful wishes.
Iím thankful that Youíre the one
who makes the final decision.

Some may compensate on earth
while others may pace free,
but we will all face deathís judgment
in the coming day.

So run and hide, you cowards,
hurt another innocent child.
Your days are getting numbered
as you enter your anguishing slumber.

Youíll bust hell wide open,
and your pain will be remote from mild.

Without end will you smolder,
lacking even one little shoulder.

Sympathy, empathy and compassion you will discern,
and the pain you inflicted on others,
will then be your own.