Unchained Melody

Kimberly Ross


My heart pounded, thumping in my ears.  My turn to sing neared, and I longed to twinkle my nose and vanish.  The audience had supported the participants but rudely ignored the entertainers.  After we had donated our precious time to entertain them while the judges scored the participants, they paraded around the auditorium and visited during every performance.  What would make mine any different?  No wonder my students were disrespectful to others when they were speaking—these were their parents. “Why did I agree to sing in this ridiculous pageant?” I wondered.  I had sat here for what seemed like hours just to see these prissy girls walk across the stage.  Yep, that’s right, a pageant where they only model a gown.  


“Next we will have entertainment by Kimberly Ross,  the emcee announced.  My heart dropped; my new silver heels clicked as I slowly walked onto the stage, concentrating on not falling down while smiling.  That was just too many things to do at one time.   I stood on stage, looking lovely in my long, silky, blue semi-formal gown with my freshly done full set and pedicure and a head of spirals, waiting for the music to start.  “What is he doing? Why is it taking so long for him to start the music?” I whispered.  Finally, my music started.  “Here I go.”  I opened my mouth and let the words to “Unchained Melody  flow, picturing Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore the entire time.    As I sang, lips moved along with mine.  My heart filled with laughter.  When the song ended, everyone applauded and immediately tuned in for my next number.  Totally calm now, I felt like a star.  I quickly changed into Bette Midler as I sang “Wind Beneath My Wings.”  Cheers and claps greeted the end of my song.  I pranced off the stage with a heart full of joy and a mind concentrated on what I would sing in this brilliant pageant next year.  


As I left the auditorium, people complimented me: “You did a great job, wonderful song collections.”  One lady even told me how it took her back to the fifties.  I was proud that my voice could make people feel that way.  I wanted to rewind the night and start over.  Of all the entertainment that night, mine captured everyone’s attention.